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Create awareness for ease, steadiness, and compassion to grow through guided mindfulness practices

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Meeting the current moment with creativity and compassion

Hi, I’m Jeannette.

I am a mindfulness meditation teacher, a creative writer, and a mom navigating the challenges of daily life with a dedicated mindfulness practice. I have seen first hand the transformative impact mindfulness has in meeting each moment with care, openness, and love. I offer groups to share the teachings I have learned  so others may open to the same possibilities.


I lead mindfulness groups and workshops that create a welcoming space for all individuals, fostering non-judgmental awareness, and self-compassion. Join me to explore ways to slow down, deepen your practice, and explore finding ease and steadiness in your life.


My Mindfulness


I stumbled into practicing mindfulness meditation in 2003 when a generous friend gifted me a mindfulness book during a difficult time. It took nearly a decade to build a consistent practice. Since then I have deepened my daily practice, sat silent meditation retreats, studied and practiced, and I continue to delight in learning more.​


One of the most significant gifts of my early practice was the understanding that I can learn to be with my experience just as it is. Not with what I want things to look like, but with things as they are. I realized I could be with hard moments, with my flaws and mistakes, and the things I wish I had done differently. I could hold these things and know them. I could also choose how to react to them. Most importantly, I learned that I could offer myself compassion, which in turn has expanded my capacity to extend love and understanding to others.

My Mindfulness


Guided groups with a teacher can enhance our individual practice. My practice deepened when I began to sit with and learn from others. I was hesitant to do that, nervous in groups, nervous about what it meant to practice something that seemed solitary, yet working with others enhanced my practice and continues to help me grow. I offer these groups to pass along the teachings I have learned that showed me how to meet the current moment with creativity, steadiness, and love.


In each session, whether individual or group, I create an atmosphere for curiosity, playfulness, and unfolding. Through shared insights and vulnerabilities, students in my groups inspire one another and support each other to keep going..

I am a certified mindfulness teacher, a graduate of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and the Cloud Sangha Mindfulness Mentor Training program. I participate in ongoing weekly and monthly mindfulness and mentor groups led by others to strengthen my own practice and to continue my learning.


Bringing Mindfulness

To All

Growing up, I had not seen myself as someone who could meditate. It didn't seem to be accessible to me. I now create spaces for those who might feel the same.


I extend a heartfelt invitation to those who may not envision themselves as the mindfulness type, or those who might feel excluded from traditional mindfulness spaces. I welcome people of every culture, wisdom tradition, gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability. I'm committed to inclusivity, social justice, and honoring diverse backgrounds. 


I love working with people who want to connect with their own hearts and minds and connect with others. I love to make room for things to unfold—to not know—to be engaged—to be curious—to settle in.


“With a warm and patient approach to mindfulness, Jeannette has guided me toward acceptance of my own being. Her gentle words provide comfort and direction in my turbulent mind.”

— Cath R.

Get in Touch

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out to say hello, register for an upcoming workshop, or simply have a conversation to see if working together may be a good fit for your practice.


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